It’s just that now we’re accustomed to seeing certain Hollywood romantic clichés repeated over and over. There are the young and cute couples who have no qualms about promoting their budding romance on social media; the co-stars who have secret relationships on set while being suspected of adultery; and the older man in his sixties or seventies openly courting a young and beautiful woman who is half his age.

We observe these paradigms without questioning them and end up accepting them as the norm. Pierce Brosnan’s contemporaries, as well as the general public, assumed he would end up last in this competition. Despite fitting well, he has bravely and creatively debunked all the assumptions made about him.

He has been married to Keely for twenty years, and they have been together long enough to start a family. Their journey has been as romantic and passionate as anyone could hope for, but poor Keely has recently been subjected to unjustified and terrible hatred. Fortunately, Pierce has stood firm.

He has defended his wife to the public and shown her how much he loves her despite the criticism. His actions lead us to the following conclusions: Contrary to popular opinion, Pierce “loves every curve” of his wife’s body. Last week,

Pierce gave his wife an emotional 20th-anniversary letter wishing her “Happy anniversary, dear Keely, my love for you continues to grow,” and included two photos of the couple taken 20 years apart to illustrate the wonderful development of their relationship. The public seems to constantly find something negative to say about the couple, even if there’s no reason to do so.

Hostility seems to be directed towards Keely’s physical appearance, especially her weight. The general public seems to be sh.ocked and outraged. Pierce’s mistake was marrying an idealized version of his own age and physical attractiveness.

Someone who doesn’t fit into the size 0 mold and who has a normal body instead of looking likе a bombshell. If he’s so rich and powerful, why choose to marry a common woman who seems to be below his social status?

His feelings for her invalidate sexist views about women’s worth. It’s easy to forget that beauty standards can be challenged by gaining weight.

No one forces you to live in a society where your success is measured by your ability to fit the mold and have the least impact possible on those around you.

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