Our Granddaughter Demanded We Give Her Our Villa as It Was Nicer despite Us Paying for Vacation – I Taught Her a Lesson

Our granddaughter’s demand for our villa, despite us footing the vacation bill, turned our family celebration into an unexpected lesson-teaching moment.

In our seventies, my husband and I have been fortunate, and we wanted to mark our granddaughter Robin’s recent wedding with a memorable family getaway. Bora Bora seemed like the perfect destination, a dreamy locale we’d only seen in postcards until now.

Securing a fantastic deal, we booked accommodations for the whole family: three bungalows for the grandkids and a lavish villa for us. The bungalows were spacious and comfortable, but the villa was on another level, boasting luxury amenities like a sauna, pool, and ocean slide.

Everything was going smoothly until Robin, unaware of our villa’s grandeur, expressed her desire for it during a family dinner. She felt entitled to the best accommodation, demanding it then and there, much to our surprise and disappointment.

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