Woman has dramatic makeover, shocks husband who doesn’t recognize her

In life, there comes a time when we realize we’ve been wearing the same old hairstyle and those clothes bough years ago for way too long. And then out of the blue, something kicks in and we feel the urge to experience certain change. Whether it’s a new hair color or getting rid of the old skirts, we know we have to fight the dullness that has somehow become part of our everyday life.

Mary Johnson, a state representative in North Dakota has finally decided to lift herself from the seat with the state and visit the salon of one of the best stylists there are, Christopher Hopkins, or better known as the Makeover Guy.

Over the years, Christopher helped a huge number of people go through the transformation they had been longing for.

When Mary Johnson let him do his magic, she wasn’t sure what to expect, but the end result left her speechless. What’s most, her husband of many years couldn’t even recognize her.

Mary wasn’t looking for anything specific. Her only demand was, “No purple no blue, no none of that…”

As Christopher trimmed Mary’s hear, he also took years off her face. With adding a little red and blending her natural gray with blonde highlights, he helped brought out her bright eyes.

YouTube/ Screenshot

Once the transformation was over, another of Christopher’s clients entered the salon and walked by off screen. He made a comment that Mary looked awesome for someone who was about 42. Beaming with happiness, she answered back that 42 was “20 years ago.”

When the time came for her husband David to see her, he nearly didn’t recognize her. As she approached him, his jaw dropped and he could be heard saying, “WOW,” later confessing that he initially thought she was a different woman.

“I wouldn’t have recognized you,” he said as he couldn’t take his eyes off of her.

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Mary was extremely satisfied with her new looks. “I feel great,” she said. “I couldn’t feel better, it just exceeded everything I thought possible. You guys didn’t have much of a canvas to work with, but Holy Moly, what a great job!”

She truly went from a Fargo North Dakota girl to THAT GIRL.

For Mary’s incredible transformation go to the video below.

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