Fivе Соntrоvеrsiаl Mеghаn Mаrklе Drеssеs During Неr Nigеriаn Тоur

During Meghan Markle’s recent tour of Nigeria, she attracted significant public and media attention not only for her engagements but also for her bold fashion choices. Known for her modern and often daring style, Meghan’s selection of shoulder-baring dresses throughout the visit sparked considerable controversy and debate on social media.

From traditional settings to formal events, her wardrobe choices were scrutinized for both style and appropriateness. This article explores the five specific dresses that became central to this fashion controversy.

Meghan’s first dress, worn during a school visit, was a Heidi Merrick Windsor gown with a backless design and a tiered skirt. She accessorized with an Ariel Gordon Diamond Hex tennis bracelet, a Cartier Love bracelet, Emme Parsons shoes, and a Cartier Tank Française watch.


The casual and revealing style of the dress was quickly criticized. Comments included, “Lady, you are not at a cocktail party. This is a children’s school,” and “Who dresses in a backless dress to a school visit 🤔 yessss a yacht girl 😂😂😂.” Critics also pointed out its inappropriateness in a conservative setting, saying, “Sleeveless and backless slinky dress to a school visit where modesty is expected. A country with half the population Muslim and she rocks up half naked flesh exposed. Seriously,” and “Wrinkled, ill-fitting dress. Unkempt, as usual.”

For a more casual outing, Meghan wore her second dress, a Johanna Ortiz creation with structured design and palm tree leaf patterns. She paired it with Emme Parsons Cecelia shoes and a variety of accessories, including a Cartier Love bracelet, a Diamond Hex tennis bracelet, Jennifer Meyer earrings, Heidi Merrick sunglasses, and a Lorraine Schwartz diamond pave bracelet.

Her appearance drew mixed reactions about her physical appearance, such as “Meghan looks extremely skinny😮” and “Crazy skinny,” with a mix of concern and admiration, “Love [her] dress but she lost too much weight.” Others deemed the outfit “So inappropriate.”

At a formal event, Meghan’s third dress was a tube dress by St. Agni, which received harsh criticism. She paired it with vintage Christian Dior earrings, nude Aquazurra sandals, and her usual Cartier bracelet and watch, as well as her Diamond Hex tennis bracelet and diamond pave bracelet.

This look drew backlash for its cultural insensitivity, with comments likе “Disrespectful wardrobe for the culture,” and “She is too old to keep showing off her shoulders & back.” Other remarks included, “Who wears a tube dress to an occasion likе this. No respect for their culture,” and “Lol, tube dress….no respect at all.”

For a speaking engagement, Meghan wore her fourth dress, a clingy ORÍRÉ midi dress with a ruffled bottom. She paired this with Aquazurra sandals, Kimaï hooped earrings, and a Logan Hollowell necklace, matching her Cartier and Ariel Gordon accessories. The outfit was criticized for its fit and casualness.

Comments included, “Dressed inappropriately,” and “Put some clothes on, miss.” Visible undergarments were also noted, adding to the unfavorable reception: “She still hasn’t learned to wear a shaper under her clingy clothes. You can see her underwear lines!!” Another user commented, “She looks likе she is going to a yacht to entertain guests, lol.”

Meghan’s fifth dress, seen at a State Dinner, was a Carolina Herrera silk overlay column gown. Unlikе her previous outfits, this one received positive feedback. She paired the elegant yellow gown with her previously mentioned wrist accessories and added an Aurate necklace.

Compliments included, “Thank god someone got her an appropriate dress much better. Has been a complete cringe fest!” and “Meghan looks lovely in yellow.” There were also speculations about her possible pregnancy, with comments likе, “Is she going to announce she’s pregnant in this dress?” and “Is she pregnant again?”

Meghan’s fashion choices during her Nigerian tour became a significant topic of discussion. Each of the five shoulder-baring dresses she wore not only showcased her personal style but also sparked conversations about cultural sensitivity, appropriateness, and the expectations placed on public figures while abroad.

While Meghan’s Nigerian trip was closely followed, it came just days after fans focused on her and her husband in the United Kingdom.

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