Mother forced son to sell the car he inherited – He buys it back and finds his grandfather’s hidden secret

A man took to Reddit to share an incredible story involving his late grandfather who was one of the most important people in his life.

When his grandfather passed away, OP was just 17, but he still remembered the day when he received the sad news as if it was yesterday. His world crumbled because his grandpa was someone he trusted and loved unconditionally.

What’s most, the grandpa was heavily involved in the upbringing of OP and his sisters.

The elderly man was someone who had passion for vintage cars, so he would often take OP to car shows.

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Although the grandpa couldn’t afford to have more than one car, unlike his friends who owned collections of vintage cars, he had only one and he took great care of it. OP helped him take care of the car when his mom would drop him off at his grandparents’ place. Back then, OP was convinced his mom wanted him to maintain a close bond with his grandma and grandpa, but over time, he realized it was just convenient for her that way.

However, weekends spent with grandpa provided cherished memories. From knocking over the oil can to grandpa inadvertently scratching the red paint of the Chevy Bel Air, every moment was enjoyable, and there was always plenty to keep the two entertained.

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When OP learned his grandpa passed away, he was heartbroken because even through his teen years, the elderly man was his best friend.

Given that it was the day immediately following the grandpa’s passing, OP had no intention of attending school. However, upon his getting to the living room, he noticed his sister giving him a cold shoulder. He had no idea what was wrong.

“Honey, you have to understand that it’s only expected for your sisters to be a bit jealous. If you hadn’t stormed off, you would have heard that your granddad left you the Chevy,” his mom told him.

OP was in disbelief. His grandpa never let anyone even touch his Chevy.

“Now, don’t look so excited. You’re acting like a real vulture. I’ve decided that you won’t inherit it,” his mom added. “You can’t drive yet, my love. If you had gone for your test last year like I had told you to, I would have let you keep the car. Well, maybe. My point is, I’ve decided to sell the car and divide the money between you, your sisters, and your cousins. It’s only fair.”

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Filed with anger, OP couldn’t understand how his mom could sell his grandpa’s greatest treasure. He spent the rest of the day locked inside his room, trying to cope with the roller coaster of emotions.

Despite his fervent pleas in the ensuing week, OP’s mother remained steadfast. In her eyes, the car was already sold. Eventually, a buyer emerged, offering $70,000 for the vehicle. As he watched it being driven away, he couldn’t help but feel as though his grandpa was sighing in disappointment.

At that moment, OP made a promise to get that car back no matter the cost.

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His mom’s act shook their relationship, as well as that with his sisters. They each received $4,000 although they had never spent any time around grandpa. Neither of OP’s sisters ever handed the old man a wrench when he asked for it.

Eventually, OP got a driver’s licence and started working part time, making his own money.

Having accumulated a substantial sum, he was able to pursue higher education, channeling his passion for machinery toward a career in engineering. Graduating as the valedictorian, OP landed a job at a renowned engineering company. At the age of 27, he was finally able to fulfill the promise he had given himself 10 years ago, to get his grandpa’s Chevy back.

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He tracked down the man who bought the car that meant so much to OP and offered to buy it, but the man was reluctant. However, he still invited OP to come and check the car, and before long, OP found himself looking at the curves of Grandpa’s favorite car once again.

It felt surreal. The recognizable hue, the flawless detailing — it all appeared untouched, as though freshly manufactured. Michael, the owner, never drove the car, preferring instead to exhibit it among his collection of vintage vehicles. Remarkably, only a privileged few had experienced the interior of the car, aside from the grandpa and OP.

This revelation flooded OP with joy. Catching his longing gaze fixed upon the car, Michael relented, surrendering the keys for $80,000. Though a hefty price, the sentimental value of reclaiming the car outweighed any monetary concerns. Grinning widely, OP settled into the driver’s seat and embarked on the journey home, enveloped in pure bliss. Retrieving his other vehicle could wait; in that moment, the Chevy was his sole focus.

However, the Chevy wasn’t the sole treasure acquired through the transaction.

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On the way home, OP opened the ashtray, who was once filled with papers from the candy his grandpa consumed with joy. A smile landed on his face as he recalled those moments, but then, a paper stuck inside the ashtray caught his attention.

In order to get it out without tearing up, he took out the plastic and lying beneath it was an old envelope with his name scrawled on it.

The envelop was yellowed from age. It felt heavy and lumpy and a note peaking out of it read:


I hope you’ll enjoy this car as much as I did. I’ve taught you how to look after it, so I expect you to keep her shining.

By now, your sisters and mother are probably all ticked off at you, but that doesn’t matter. You’re the only one I consider family.

You see, your grandmother always had someone on the side. She thought I didn’t know about it, but I just kept my mouth shut. Better to not rock the boat, eh?

Your mom is the product of that relationship. I’ve known this from the start. I don’t have a single legitimate child. But that’s neither here nor there because you have been like a son to me.

That’s why I’m leaving you the Chevy and little to anyone else. They all know about their real granddad. They kept you out of it because we were so close and you’re the youngest. But you deserve to know that I love you no matter what.

Enjoy the ride,


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Tears welled up in OP’s eyes. Despite the startling discovery, he still felt glad his grandpa loved him and that the Chevy was reunited with its rightful owner. Overwhelmed with happiness, he became so absorbed in the moment that he completely overlooked the envelope.

Eager to see what else was inside, he opened it and found a gem winking at him. In astonishment, he turned the envelope over, where the words, “I had no doubt that you would find the candy,” were written.

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