This woman chose to offer a pretzel and a coffee to a homeless man

Without a doubt, nobody wants to beg and survive off of what others decide to give them. Anybody who finds themselves in this predicament, in my opinion, has had a rough existence, which would be difficult for any of us to endure.

When they encounter a beggar, the majority of people have a bad attitude and do not “scramble” to aid them. Some even prefer to make fun of beggars and make them feel less than human.

Casey Fischer is one of those individuals that decides to lend a helpful hand when she can. She once came upon a beggar on the street attempting to acquire money. The man had visited Casey in the cafe, but he had only been able to obtain one dollar from the patrons.

Casey gave him a quick glance, then beckoned him over to her table and offered to buy him a pretzel and coffee. Perhaps this gesture will brighten that man’s day, she thought to herself.

After a lengthy conversation, Casey learned that the man ended up on the streets owing to drug use and that his mother had died from cancer. Despite this, he expressed a desire to turn his life around and wished for a better future. He would like to fulfill his mother’s dream of having a son. They spoke for a while, and then the woman started preparing to go. She expressed her gratitude to the man for sharing details of his life with her and urged him to have faith that things will only get better.

But Chris, the beggar, requested that Casey give him a pen and a piece of paper.

He scrawled something fast and returned the paper. After saying their goodbyes, Casey headed off to college, only to discover later that she had missed the opportunity to see what Chris had written on the paper.

“Thank you, lovely soul!” was written on the message.

Casey shared this tale on her social media pages. She remarked that Chris is a great man and that she hoped to be able to give him a chance at a better life.
Casey said that while she respects the man’s efforts to get well and resume his normal life, she also noted that it is difficult for him to do so because people rarely give him a second thought.

The fact that Chris wants to go past this stage of his life and improve himself, despite the fact that he is currently a beggar, made the post go viral very quickly.

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