Everyone leaves plane except lady who cried the entire flight, ‘I must see the pilot’ she said

Linda was upset because she was about to visit her parents’ graves. Although these visits gave her a sense of comfort, they were still a reminder that the two people she loved the most were no longer part of her life.

Once on board, she started crying. The passengers on the flight noticed she was in distress, but no one approached her to ask her if she was all right.

As the plane took off, she heard the pilot greeting the passengers. Hearing a familiar voice, Linda started crying even harder. At this point, those sitting next to her grew their concerns.


The flight attendant approached her, asking if she needed anything, but Linda refused any help. But everything Linda could say was, “I can’t wait to meet him.”

“What, ma’am?” the curious attendant asked again.

“Can you please not bother me?” Linda fumed. “Please leave me alone….”

Linda cried for the rest of the flight.

When the plane landed, everyone was eager to get off of the plane, but not Linda. She refused to leave her seat and asked to see the pilot.


The stewardess saw the woman was still seated and walked over to her.

“Ma’am, we arrived…Do you need help with your bag?”

“No, I’m not getting down! I MUST SEE THE PILOT! I’m not moving from here until I see him!”

“Ma’am, what is it? You can’t stay on the plane for a long time after it has landed. Please, you’ll need to disembark now…”

“I said I want to meet the pilot. It’s urgent. Please try to understand,” pleaded Linda.

“Okay, I’ll tell him. Please wait here.”


The pilot was told about this woman who was dying to see him, so he was fine with meeting her. However, the moment he saw her, his smile faded from his face.

“YOU?! I have nothing to say to you,” he said as he tried to exit the plane.

“They would be proud of you, just like the way I was the moment I heard your voice when this flight took off,” said Linda. “Alex, wait, please don’t go…I’m sorry! Please forgive me!”

Alex was a bit confused and he asked Linda how could she recognize his voice after that many years.

“I would recognize your voice even in a crowd of millions. I love you so much, Alex.”

“I’ve been waiting to hear this from you for years,” said Alex. “All you had to do was say these words to set things straight. Why did it take you so long to say SORRY?”


Linda and Alex were brother and sister. However, things turned ugly between them following their parents’ death.

Alex always dreamed of becoming a pilot, but his dad never supported that dream of his. He believed Alex won’t be a good pilot, saying he wasn’t willing to pay for his education because it wasn’t worth it.

When the parents died in a car crash, they left everything to Linda and Alex, but Alex could only get his share of the inheritance upon turning 18. He pleaded with Linda to let him pursue his wish of becoming a pilot, but she refused to give him the money, saying they should buy a house and a car instead. She also wanted to respect her father’s wish, and he never wanted Alex to become a pilot.

“I don’t even want to see you. Take all the money. I will achieve my dream by myself. Goodbye!” Alex told Linda and left the house, moving in with his grandparents.


He cut all ties with his sister and hadn’t seen her in years.

“Alex, please, give me one chance. Please, I’m here to visit dad and mom’s graves. Please come with me. They would be watching us from heaven, and they will be proud of you….”

Despite Linda’s pleading and begging, Alex remained unmoved. He walked away from her, leaving the plane without a backward glance. Linda, feeling hurt and disappointed, disembarked the plane, hoping to reconcile with Alex, but he failed to appear. With a heavy heart, she hailed a taxi and made her way to her parents’ graves to honor the 20th anniversary of their passing.


“Oh my God, I don’t believe this!” she said, slowing down as tears welled up. “Alex?” she said as she saw him standing next to their parents’ graves.

“I forgive you, Linda. Let’s not talk about what happened years ago. I’m over it, and I want you to forget about it too, alright?!”

Linda’s eyes filled with tears of joy as she embraced Alex tightly. Together, they placed wreaths on their parents’ graves, standing silently for a while in solemn remembrance.

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