5-yr-old finds mom ‘dead’ and runs to neighbor for help with baby sister in his arms

When someone knocked on Jessica Penoyer’s door, the last person she expected to see was her five-year-old neighbor. He appeared to be carrying a doll in his arms, but a few seconds later, Jessica realized it wasn’t a doll, but his baby sister.

The boy, Salvatore Cicalese, said that his mother was dead at the shower. He then explained that he grabbed a stool and took it to the garage door in order to be able to be able to climb up and flick the switch. Doing that, he added that he tumbled off it once before succeeding on his second attempt.

Source: ABC News

Hearing all this, disturbed Jessica rushed to the phone and called a police. Soon after, emergency services were able to enter Salvatore’s home. They went straight to the bathroom where they saw the boy’s mother passed out in the tub. Had it not been for Salvatore, his mother would have drowned. It was his quick thinking that helped save her life.

Source: ABC News

Once she was given medical assistance, the mother, Kaitlyn Cicalese, started feeling better.

She explained that she suffered a seizure and soon lost consciousness. She also added that after the incident, Salvatore won’t stop asking her if she would be okay. He wonders if she is going to suffer another seizure and if she’s sure that she won’t die any time soon. Kaitlyn assures him that nothing like that would happen, but in case she does suffer a seizure, at least she knows her boy would know what to do.

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