If you have these cupboards above your fridge, you had better know what they’re used for

When it comes to the perfect home, different people have different preferences, but one thing that I guess most opt for are the spacious kitchens that would fit all of the appliances such as the coffee maker, the air fryer, and a bunch of other kitchen gadgets that facilitate our everyday life.

When you think about it, no matter how small the kitchen is, a good interior designer, or even some googling or browsing through Pinterest, can give you plenty of ideas of how to utilize the space.

Maybe you have noticed some people having cabinets over their fridge and thought they can’t be that useful because they are hard to reach, but the truth is that these cabinets can be used for storing different things that we don’t use everyday.

Below are some ideas that you may love.

Storage space for infrequently used kitchen gadgets:

These cabinets might be the perfect place for storing kitchen gadgets such as blenders, food processors, or waffle makers that we don’t use every day.

Canned products and baking essentials

The great thing about canned food is that it lasts for a long period of time so if you place your cans inside the cabinets over the fridge and forget about them for a while, they would still be perfectly great to consume.


The top compartment of the cupboard is the perfect place for cookbooks. Most of us know the exact ingredients and measurements of our favorite dishes by heart so we don’t need to use the cookbooks that often.


Pantry items and spices

Similar to canned foods, there are likely items you have in your pantry that can fit nicely in such a cupboard. Or you might consider getting a small spice rack to keep your cooking spices up there.

Kitchen towels

Kitchen towels usually come in a bulk, so storing some of them in these cupboards isn’t a bad idea.


Fine china

What about the plates or sets of cutlery reserved for special occasions? It really makes sense to keep them above the fridge because that’s a safe place children can’t reach.

When accessing these cupboards it would be safer to use a stool or even a ladder.

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