My brother thinks I’m free babysitter to his 3 kids, constantly ruins my plans

Family matters get nasty at times, and the reasons for that are various. The truth is that not every family is the same, and sometimes, the members of a family simply don’t get along.

A 23-year-old woman took to Reddit to share a story about her and her brother and how things turned messy after he accused her of ruining his family.

Namely, the woman explained that her brother was a father of three, one five-year-old and three-year-old twins.

Whenever he needed his kids to be babysat, he would call his sister to let her know he was dropping the kids off at her place, without confirming with her if she’s available to take care of them.

This happened multiple times, and no matter how much she enjoyed spending times with her niece and nephews, she was angry that her brother never consider that she had a life on her own and that she could be busy as well.

One day, OP was headed to a friend’s place when her brother called her and told her he needed her to babysit his kids because he and his wife had plans. She tried to explain that she wasn’t available and that she was on her way to a friend’s.

“He just laughed and said sucks for you, then your plans are canceled,” she shared.

Once again, she told him very clearly that she couldn’t take care of his kids, but he didn’t listen and told her he was dropping the kids off at her door and that if anything happened to them it would be on her. She then warned him that in case he does that she would call the police.

Shortly after, she got a notification from her doorbell and saw her niece and nephews standing outside her door.

She started panicking and asked the friend who was with her in the car if they could return.

Once back home, OP called the police. They arrived at no time and asked her to take care of the children until her brother, who wasn’t answering his calls, returns to pick them up.

OP refused and that’s when Child Protective Services were alerted of the situation.

Sadly, the kids were taken by the Child Protective Services and OP assured them they would be taken care of and that they shouldn’t be scared. She then went to her friend’s place where she spent the night.

At around 04:00 a.m. her brother called her asking her where his children were, and she told him they were with Child Protective Services.

He started yelling at her, calling her names.

Unfortunately, things went too far, and her brother and his wife lost custody of the kids and were charged with endangering a child on three counts.

OP was then asked to be their legal guardian. She accepted but didn’t tell anyone. However, her brother discovered that his kids were with her and had been constantly calling her phone and contacting her via social media, telling her she ruined his family.

Their family accused her of ruining her brother’s family as well, telling her she could have “sucked it up.” The only person who stood by her side was her grandfather.

Over time, OP started feeling less guilty over the entire situation.

In her Reddit post she explained that she loved her brother’s kids unconditionally and she in fact loved spending time with them, but if her brother needed her to babysit them he should have arranged it with her at least 24 hours in advance.

Most of the Redditors agreed that was not the a*****e.

So even said that losing a custody couldn’t be that easy and that there could be more to the story.

Additionally, they said she shouldn’t feel guilty because she warned her brother, but he didn’t listen.

What are your thoughts on this?

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