I jokingly wrote a message on my husband’s chest before his work Christmas party

Travis was to attend the work Christmas party, but knowing that he’s a light drinker, his wife, Micaela, decided to do something fun that the could could laugh about later.

On his chest, she wrote, “This is my husband—touch him, and you’ll pay- M.”

Her husband got ready and headed to the party, assuring her he would be home early. She wished him to have fun and couldn’t wait to see if someone would actually read the message.

However, the following morning, she was stunned to see that someone added, “Keep the change,” under her writing.

At first, she thought someone was pranking her, but as she wasn’t as ease, she decided to seek advice from her mother.

Her mother told her that she should follow Travis, just to make sure he wasn’t actually cheating on her, and that’s exactly what Micaela did.

She tracked Travis’ car with a GPS, and suspicions arose when she noticed he wasn’t going to work one day as he claimed, but headed to another direction.

Micaela followed after him. When he entered an apartment, she was quick to enter the place as well, seeing her husband with another woman.

“So, you’re the woman who left a message on my husband?” she asked. The other woman didn’t seem too concerned, and simply said, “Husbands like this deserve to be treated like spare change.”

That incident marked the beginning of the end of Micaela’s marriage to Travis. She was aware she deserved better than that and filed for divorce.

Eventually, she met someone new and is now happier than ever.

Below are some of the comments under Micaela’s story of how she caught her husband cheating.

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