Pair adopts a 6-year-old boy, find him nursing a strange baby in his room the next day

A couple, Colleen and Ray Ferguson, considered adopting a child for quite a while. After filling in a bunch of documents, and after waiting for a considerable amount of time, they were finally able to welcome 6-year-old Ben into their lives and their home.

The new parents were aware the child would need time to get used to the new life, so they were willing to give it to him.

Colleen knew children Ben’s age loved comfort food, so she prepared mac and cheese for him, but as soon as he finished his food, Ben asked to be left alone in his room.

Wanting ti get close to him, Colleen entered Ben’s room after some time and was shocked by the sight. Her adopted son was having a baby in his arms that he was feeding with milk. She simply couldn’t believe her eyes.

With a trembling voice, she asked, “Ben, who’s baby is that?”

“She’s my sister,” Ben said, his face tense.

“Your sister?” This made Colleen sound confused.

“No, not really. Her new home is where I used to live. “I had to stay with her,” Ben said.


Colleen suggested calling Mrs. Campbell, who is in charge of foster care, but Ben said no. “No! She can’t bring her back. They are not good people, Mr. and Mrs. Franklin, who are my foster parents!”

Ben explained that if his sister went back to the foster parents, she would be treated badly, just the way he was.

After some time, the parents convinced Ben they would think of a solution, and that he needed to take some rest.

“What are we going to do?” Colleen spoke softly. “The child can’t stay with us. We’re going to be caught.”

“I don’t know,” Ray said. “But I don’t think Ben’s lying.”

Upon waking up, Colleen and Ray asked Ben some more questions about the foster family he stayed with before being adopted. The boy said that they would hit him with belt and film it.

Although they assured Ben they wouldn’t give his sister up, Ray and Colleen had no idea what to do next, especially because they knew they couldn’t keep the baby.

“But Ben, we can’t keep her a secret. I know someone else who works for Mrs. Campbell,” Colleen said. “We can do something about this.” The couple then called Alana, who works for DCFS. “Sorry I called you late, Alana. We are in a tough spot…


When Alana heard Ben’s story, she paid them a visit. “Do you think Ben is lying?” Ray wondered.

“I don’t think so,” Alana said. “When kids are in trouble, they hide the truth. He told you that, which means he believes in you,” adding that she felt there was indeed something wrong with the Franklins. “Children get moved around from their house frequently.”

“What should we do about the baby then?” Colleen inquired.

Alana made a decision. “I’ll let you be her foster parents for a short time,” she said. “I’ll have to hide it. But that’s the matter. Do not tell anyone. Please let me know if Mrs. Campbell calls you or does anything else.”

A couple of days went by, and Colleen got a call from Mrs. Campbell. She was interested to learn if Ben spoke about the foster family. Colleen was quick to answer that he doesn’t speak of his past, hoping to finish that conversation as quickly as possible.

Mrs. Campbell then asked Colleen to call her right away in case Ben says anything out of the ordinary.

While the two were still on the phone, Ben yelled, “Mom, the baby is trashing around!”

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